New Year – New Start

Happy New Year, wish you happines to you and your family in 2016. Have much fun and a lot of miracles in new year.

revised-Resolution-Logo-Options-Master_colorVolunteer, psychologist, dota 2 player – that’s me. Nice to meet you here

New Year – new Start“that’s so typical phrase and now I use it to announce that I join bloggers’ community. The reasons, why I made this deicison, underlie first of all my volunteer experience. I’ll describe my own volunteer way: from work in a local stable to my future project in Italy. For 4 years I’ve participated in about 6 projects and I have a great wish to share my ideas about that and of course I’ll be happy if someone will be interested in taking a part in volutary work.

Last year I got a bachelor degree in psychology. I really love this field. I try to read some articles, books, researches about modern life. For me it’s really fascinating to see how human mind works, how we relate to each other. At the moment I have nothing to tell you, but I hope that in the nearest future I’ll be able to post some interesting suggestions, facts and theories about different topics.

And you know that’s 2016, time when we have cybersport, which includes many computer games. I know quite well that it still sounds quite strange for much people, especially from 30 years and older. Yeah, even my parents don’t get it, they often ask “oooh, why do you play all the time? Why do you spend so much time there?” and blah-blah-blah. So…I’m a dota player: I’m not a pro gamer, top streamer  or great tactician, I just enjoy playing this game and actually this game teaches me many things. I will describe my experience with this game and also discuss some questions like why I do play this game, why I prefer support role, why I thank  this game and so on.

Next week I’ll publish my first post about volunteering. So if  you have an interest, please come back here and get something new.

PS I know that my English is not so good, but I promise that I do my best to improve it and make it better

Have a nice week and see you soon

Be happy and enjoy your life

Humble Alex



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