Time management: “Black hole” idea and Eisenshower-box

Now it’s time for psychology,now it’s time for time-management.

Nowadays most news tell us that everybody is in a hurry, no one has enough time, a lot of people forget themselves in daily routine. Time is the most useful resource in our lives. One of the most unromantic definition: life = the summary of actions during the period

Life=[the birth; the death]

Time-management is a very popular field in modern psychology. Many theories and exercises are created within this area. Before we start discussing different exercises, let’s meet Black Hole idea in time management


The main idea of this theory is the review of the most typical work-day. So let’s see

We work 8 hours per day and we have 5 work days.
During the work day usually we have some breaks, let’s take approximately 2 hours.
So we spend 10 hours for break every week
There are 52 weeks in a year
4 weeks for vacations; 4 weeks for holidays
We have 44 weeks
44*10 = 440
440 hours
440 HOURS in “Black hole”
That’s about 18 days.
Let’s say that we work 20 years, SO
18*20 = 360. That’s a full YEAR
1 year of life is going to nowhere…

First of all, psychologists don’t confirm it as a negative way. But they recommend to improve it. The easiest way is to bring something for your hobby. For example, if you like drawing, bring papers and pencils; if you like study languages – don’t hesitate taking some exercise books. Everybody knows, that social networks are the part of our lives. But you know that you can like all photos in Instagram and read all twits during the evening. Try to give a special period during a day when you check your social networks: for example you give 30 minutes for your facebook and other networks in the morning and in the evening.

As I said, time-management is quite spreading knowledge nowadays. There are a lot of theories, ideas, anticipations, exercises, advises and recommendations. One of them is Eisenshower Box. The short description of his theory: there are two criterions when we talk about tasks and activities: importance and urgency. After that we can find 4 types of our activities:

  1. Important and urgent tasks (making a call, visiting a meeting) – Do it now
  2. Important but not urgent tasks (reading a book, meeting a friend, going to the cinema) – Make a decision
  3. Urgent but not important tasks (making a dinner, shopping) –Ask someone to help you
  4. Not important and not urgent (checking social media, watching TV) – Exclude these activities

If you have an interest, you can try to make special form and allocate your daily activities in these 4 groups. It’ll be interesting to see, what you do during the day and how important it.

Also if you need more information about that, you can check a nice article Here.

Take your time and control timeeisenhower-box


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