Melancholia and depression (or why I am so autistic)

Can you see this little pig? No, ’cause it’s inside of me

Glazed look, detachment, slow reactions, low-spirits, taciturnity, low-emotional reactions out…That’s the original criteria how people recognize melancholia and depression. But very often we don’t know the difference  between these emotional states and many of us mix them together. And here I’d like to explain some differences between them

Being a melancholiac, my emotional background tends to be very changed during one day or even less period. On the surface usually people can notice only some features of sadness and tireness. But actually there are so many internal feelings and emotional reactions that I suppose – melancholiacs are one of the most emotional persons in the world (even from others’ point of view it seems conversely). Keeping inside a lot of things, I usually need some time to be alone and make reflection. Yes, all people need some tome to be with themselves, but as for me I have a need in it every day, otherwise I am getting overflowing with the feelings and later I can get such a strong emotional reaction ad after that I can sitting in one place and staring at one point for a long time.

But I don’t want to say that melancholia is kind of a bad thing. Honestly I enjoy much my melancholical mood. It gives me much energy and during this time I tend to be more creative (OK, I can’t draw, write music, build something but whatever)

Here I propose some common things and differences between melancholia and depression


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